this will probably have been answered before but problem with cname

I am completely confused (or just thick..!!) I have set up the cname resolution, if you type into a browser you get sent to the c/send error page, if you try to verify the domain it just wont, its now 3 days since the cname was set up, what have a i done wrong please..? just a clue would do guys..!!

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Paul,

I just checked your DNS for the domain and the only CNAME records I could find was This actually needs to be for the custom domain to work.

nellee, 8 years ago

there is an A record of pointing at  with an alias CNAME record of  pointing at the A record, its the only way i could set it up, if that makes sense.

nellee, 8 years ago

ive tried it with another domain, my main domain is , alias is , still nothing with verifiction, but type the domain directly into a browser and you go to c/send error page...?

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