Repeater title, URL link

Truth be told i am a noob when it comes to coding, but i have a problem.

The <li><$repeatertitle$></li> works great in my html template and reproduces fine in my sidebar, but, is this supposed to be a url link as well, like my title? If not how do i make this <li><$repeatertitle$></li> consistent with the link in my title without having to import a new template every time? Is this possible?

If this makes sense to you, great, it dosent to me! :(

All i want is to be able to edit my template within campaign monitor, and everytime i add a new item to my main bar, i want the url link i implant to automatically work in the repeater title. It dosent. (Please Discuss)

If it isnt supposed to do that, it might be nice if it did, to make editing a bit easier.

Any help on this matter would be greatfully received.

Many thanks.

TheOneThespian :)

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