Feature Request: Image Handling within Editor

I know this feature has been requested multiple times, but it bears a little nagging.

I lost a bigger client today because a competitor's email platform allows for multiple images and styles within their tool's WYSIWYG editor.  They liked our (CM's) system and user-friendliness, but the lack of image handling was a deal-breaker.  Simply allowing a customer the ability to float an image left or right would be a good start. 

Please put this feature on the front burner.

Followed closely by pre-paid credit allocation to specific clients.  Selling high volume accounts is virtually impossible when compared to numerous other providers.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions. Floating itself probably isn't a great option, since some email clients don't support it, but we'll add a vote for aligning images.

The same goes for credit allocation.

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phil7085, 8 years ago

Following on from that I was going to start a thread regarding a feature I would like to see but it has been mentioned here in a way.

What about the ability to set how many emails a client can send per month, then it would be easy to set up monthly billing and / or tariffs.

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