Designing HTML emails in Word

I really hope someone can help me.
I am trying to send an email campaign and have designed the email in word and saved it as an HTML file. The email has text and images....but the images don't appear in the email when I do a test by sending it to my outlook account. I have sent it to the Campaign Monitor tech guys, but they say you can't design emails in word because of this problem...can anyone help me?

dylan_k, 8 years ago

The path to your images in the HTML you created will be wrong for the internet. Word thinks that the images are located on the local machine. Upload your images, then, in your source code, correct the src value for the image tags to contain the URL for the images you uploaded. My guess is that if you're using Word to write HTML that this will be difficult for you, but it should work.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Yes, Word does make it hard to create decent code, it's not a great choice for editing HTML. See for some suggested options for better editors.

It is possible to get it working in Word, but it is really not worth the effort, because you'll fix one problem and find 10 more with the resulting code.

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