Inputting External Data

We are wondering if it is possible to pull various data and place it in an email.  For instance, we have several hundred coupon codes and we would like to send each subscriber a specific coupon code for their use.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

davidaf davidaf, 8 years ago

Hey dogeared,

Yes this can mostly likely be done depending on how you are generating your coupon codes. You'll want a custom field on your list to populate with the custom codes. How you populate the coupon field is up to you, you can either upload them into your subscriber list or you may want to look at our API, especially the Subscriber.AddWithCustomFields method here:

Then you'd personalize your email with the custom field's personalization tag. More about that here:

Don't hesitate to contact our support if you have more questions about how to go about this. If you have specific questions about how to work with the API, head on over to the API Developer Community forum and post your question, you'll get good answers there.

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