Text introduction - yes or no? ("Dear ..., best wishes, your ...")

What do you think? My colleagues and I cannot agree on whether to include a paragraph at the beginning of our e-mail 'launching' the current issue, as in.

This month we're talking about ..., read below for more information.
Best wishes
Company Name

I wanted to sign with a real name, but was voted down. Now we're thinking of leaving out the intro altogether and crashing on with the first story.

Campaign Monitor notoriously and elegantly has no such intro, but uses the contents list.

Am I wasting space? (please don't get personal here!)
Or should I be bonding more with our customers?

What do the gurus say?

Best wishes from rainy Vienna


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Good question Jonathan - the answer is probably specific to your audience. What is the general tone of your company communications? Email can be more personal than a website, but if you are a huge company, having a personal welcome might feel 'fake'.

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