code in the email preview

I downloaded a template, but when I preview it there is all this in it:

<$title link='true' default='Enter your title'$>
" alt="Inline Image" width="144" height="144" align="right" /> <$description default='

Enter your description

What's that all about?

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Derekj,

Are you using the campaign-monitor-tags template or the campaign-monitor-editor template? And are you importing to the template area or importing as a completed campaign? It sounds like you might be using the files meant for use with the editor but importing as a completed campaign instead, so that the editor tags show.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Dave Dave, 8 years ago


You can read more about these template tags and how they make it easy for your clients to build their own newsletters here:

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