Suppression lists…entire domain?

My client has a subscriber list which includes both potential clients and current clients. They want to send a campaign to target only the potential customers but don't have the time to remove all the current clients from the list. To get around this I suggested importing all the clients into the suppression list so that they don't receive the emails.

The first question is: is that the best way to approach this?

Secondly, some of their clients buy a domain-wide license, so they need to suppress any email address for a list of domains ( * ) - is this possible?



travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago

Hi Jonathan,

The first problem could be solved by using a custom field and then splitting your list into 2 segments. You can read about segments here,

In regards to the domain wide suppression list, unfortunately this is not possible at this time. I have gone ahead and added this to our feature request list though!

Travis Bell

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