Availability of re-brandable, client-facing documentation

Is there a re-brandable/word version of the client documentation available for offline distribution to clients that would prefer to have a printed guide to use for reference?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

It's not currently available, but this is definitely an area we are planning to work on in the future.

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fz, 8 years ago

Any update on this?  Or anyone with some examples they'd be willing to share? :-)

(Also, I've noticed similar marketing copy/content on reseller sites - was wondering where folks got that from!)


efront efront, 8 years ago

Agreed, would love to see something here too.

mayurj, 8 years ago

Agreed.  Although CM is dead easy to use (for us), clients still struggle and a doc would be handy for them.

ChrisInCincinnati ChrisInCincinnati, 8 years ago

Even better, if you could reshoot the video walk-through without mentioning CM and make that available for download that would be sweet.

Although the accents are a giveaway... Maybe closed captions.

Disclaimer: I'm writing this from memory. I can't find the video and I just came from the bar; my memory & vision is kinda foggy.

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