Returning Subscribers - Ruby Library

It appears that there is a problem with the Ruby library of show-stopper proportions.

When I first started using the Ruby library a few weeks ago, it did not support custom fields at all.  In response to a post that I placed here, Jeremy very kindly (and promptly I might add) modified the library to provide custom-field support for the Subscriber.AddWithCustomFields method.  I was delighted.  I believed that this fix solved all of my problems because I could not see where I needed custom-field support in any other method.  Since then, through my own experience and posts in this forum, I have learned about the returning-subscriber issue.  To make a long story short, it seems that in order to force the addition of a returning subscriber one needs to use either the Subscriber.AddAndResubscribe method or the Subscriber.AddAndResubscribeWithCustomFields method.  It appears that the Ruby library does not support either of these methods; and, as a result, I am in deep trouble.  Jeremy, are you listening?  I hope that you are.  Any chance of getting a fix for this problem?  I'm afraid that it could well be a show stopper for me.  Thanks.

               ... doug

djolley, 8 years ago

Mea maxima culpa.  I went into the source code for the Ruby library with the thought of looking into what I would need to do to fix this problem and lo and behold, I find that Jeremy had already fixed it with the prior change.  It just wasn't listed as being available.  Jeremy, you rock!!!  I'm once again a happy camper! :)  Thanks.

           ... doug

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