Adding a question form

I know the reasons why adding a form in an email is a very bad idea. However, a client wants to try it despite my warnings.
So I need to know how it's possible. Do I simply add the form to the html file and link it to an external website where the cgi or php processing file will be stored?

What my client wants is for the form only to appear first (a simple yes or no question). Once submitted, the recipient will be redirected to their e-newsletter. I'm assuming this e-newsletter will have to be uploaded to their website?

And advise would be great. Thanks,

supernath, 8 years ago

In general forms are not easy to work with. Getting them to display decently across clients and browsers can be difficult, and many concessions have to be made. Also you have to worry about the hotmail/outlook 2007 issues, which can be slightly helped by conditional statements, images, and redirecting users to a website.

In general I avoid forms, but if they must be used, I have an additional link to drive users to a webpage if the form doesn't function.


Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi Gareth!

If the form would only contain a single yes or no question, couldn't you just use two links instead? That way you won't have to worry about email client support.


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