pricing structure

I am new to CM.  I like it a lot. But I wish there was a choice of pricing structure.
The existing pay-as-you-go system is great for those who send one or two campaigns a month.

But, for clients who send multiple times per month... I can't sell CM.  One client of mine sends from 2 up to 50 campaigns per months to a select audience of just 100 people.  Via ConstantContact that would always cost him just $15 per month.  With CM it would cost him $300 per month some months.

Even though he knows about ConstantContact being just $15.  I am confident I could sell him on a monthly contract of $50 (maybe even $75) for the opportunity of doing multiple sends per month with CM instead of CC.

Please CM, consider a second pricing structure designed for clients who do multiple sends per month. I don't care if it is 3 times more expensive than CC - at least I have something I can offer to the clients who send multiple monthly campaigns.

It just makes sense.

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