Forwarding the email newsletter to a friend using a button

What link to use for a forward to a friend button on my email page?

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hi Janis, we list the tags you can use here:

javajan, 8 years ago

Hi Dave,

Thanks so much for this helpful information!

My question was what to do in this case:
I am using a button with the word FORWARD on it. So I need a link for the page that it will go to. (I might like to customize it) What would be the url that I would use as the a href in the code? Is it possible to do this?

Thanks, you guys are awesome, and I am having all my clients use your service from now on!

Janis Gloystein

Janis Gloystein
Mustard Flower Design
javajan, 8 years ago

Hi again, Dave
By the way, I worked for 4 months in Sydney, doing some computer training, and lived in Kirribili, with a view of the Opera House across the bay. You live in a beautiful spot on this planet, and I sure would love to go back some day!
Thanks, Jan

Janis Gloystein
Mustard Flower Design
Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi javajan, you'd just use the <forwardtoafriend> tag in place of the <a href> tag, just as you would if you were linking text. So it would be something like:
<forwardtoafriend><img src="forwardbutton.png"></forwardtoafriend>:

D. Potter
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