Emailing to same people on multiple lists

Here's the deal: 

1. I just set up my master admin account and a demo client account.

2. From the master admin account, I created a new campaign and sent to four of my test email addresses.  I unsubscribed one using <unsubscribe> and the integrated C/Send subscriber management tools.

3. I then sent a second campaign from the demo client account to the same four email addresses.  The difference was that the email which was "unsubscribed" from the master admin account was blocked so that the demo client account could not send to it.

So, my general question is whether or not an "unsubscribed" email is completely off limits throughout the whole C/Send / CampaignMonitor system or just my master account and my subscriber accounts? 

Conversely, was this even supposed to happen?  I mean, why would the system prevent any of my clients from sending to the same person....especially if they may have different content to send???

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.


Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Jet,

Yes, this is definitely how things are supposed to work. We remember unsubscribes on a client-wide basis by default. When someone unsubscribes from a client's list (even if you, or your client do the sending), they are added to that client's suppression list.

If you like, you can control how unsubscribes are handled on a per list basis by tweaking the "Unsubscribe Options" for that list, which can read about here:

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