No images on test-sent campaign?

I have finished campaign I want to send, and did "manual test" eg. sent it to several e-mail addresses which I receive in respectively Opera, Lotus Notes and Outlook. I was surprised that the HTML e-mail I got didn't contain images (which were all fine in campaign "preview").

Is it the way with "test" e-mails, or there is a problem? I don't need to say I'm afraid to send the campaign until I sort this out.

Thanks in advance,

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hi Igor,

Many email clients will block images by default, which is something you need to live with unfortunately. See our research here:

If the images show in the preview, then they are linked up ok. So if they don't show in the actual inbox, either they are blocked, as above, or are background images which are not supported in some clients, like Outlook 2007.

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