Lost Password email comes from Campaign Monitor

I am very impressed with the site and have spent the last several days working with it to launch a site and market it to over 3,000 clients.

You have done a GREAT job of providing your users protection and the ability to privately brand their sites.
However, I have discovered one GLARING error that needs to be (easily) fixed.

When someone forgets their password and uses the "I forgot my password" link, you send an email that is from:
"Campaign Monitor [info@campaignmonitor.com]"

and the text of the email says:

Password Reminder
You are receiving this email because you have completed the 'Forgotten Password' form on our web site. Your account details are as follows:

Username: XXXXXXX
Password: XXXXXX

Login to this account

If you did not forget your password and/or received this email in error, please disregard and delete this email, no further action is necessary.


Campaign Monitor

I hope you can quickly change this to be from the account holder's name and email address OR at least from createsend.com as an interim until you can create the other code to make it from the account holder (like me).

As soon as this is fixed I will launch my site.

Many thanks... great program.

cash, 8 years ago

My mistake. I used the email address for the master account.
The program works GREAT.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Thanks for the update Cash, your clients should never see anything coming from Campaign Monitor.

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