Special characters

Hi there,

I'm having trouble with special chars like æ. ø and å. If I type in a name manually it works fine, but if it's submitted via the subscription form it doesn't show the special chars.

How can this be?

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hi Oskar, you'll need to make sure that the page hosting the subscribe form is using UTF-8 encoding. We've written more about how to handle these characters here.

Oskar Oskar, 8 years ago

Thanks Dave.

The subscription-form is on a non-utf8 site and I can not change the entire page to utf-8 since it'll just bork some other chars.

What I need is the specific formular to send utf-8 data but I'm not sure whether this is possible or not?

Oskar Oskar, 7 years ago

I've just run into this very problem again. I've set up a subscribe form on a page where I can not alter the encoding meta-tag.

What is the alternative solution?

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