Updated API - Features

I was wondering if there were new features in the API. I am interested in allowing clients to see at a quick glance their reports on their own sites. Is this possible? If it is not available I would love to see it when you are adding things to the API

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hi Justin, the idea of sharing your reports with clients really is the whole idea by letting them log into their own accounts and have access to the full reporting we provide. You can access basic reporting data with the Campaign methods in the API, but obviously selecting a checkbox and giving them a username and password is a whole lot easier.

therealjustinlong therealjustinlong, 8 years ago

I would give them a username and password of course but I had a client that would just like to see very basic reports on his own site, then have the ability for them to log in and see more in depth reports

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