Billing currency question

I used CM prior to the recent upgrade and the only currency accepted was US dollars.
I notice in your "Help" that CM now accepts: US, GBP, CAD and AUD. 


If I change my Client contact details to "Australia", will this cause future invoices to be billed in AUD dollars?
This option must be new.


Typo in your help text:

"Billing when your clients are sending their own campaigns

If you have clients setup to send their own campaigns, then you can choose from three different billing options. You can change your *****select***** at any time by going to your dashboard and clicking 'edit settings' for the appropriate client."

Perhaps this should be "selection" ?

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Joncar,

These additional currencies are purely for those customers of ours who have clients paying themselves. As part of the recent upgrade, you can now let your clients create and send emails, and pay for them at prices you set. You can read all about how this works here.

These currencies don't impact any clients that you're paying on behalf of. Thanks for the typo heads up too, that's all fixed.

byteback, 8 years ago

When paying on behalf of clients we would prefer
to pay in our local currency not USD.

You have the facility to handle multiple currencies
why not make it available to all options.


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