Problems Creating templates with tabular data in Dreamweaver

Hello. I am an html newbie. I have some basic knowledge and have built a couple successful templates.
One of my clients is an airport that sends out periodic sale fares that I normally layout in the left column in a table using Dreamweaver. Left column is list of cities that doesn't change. The right column is the corresponding sale fare that needs to be editable. However, when I import it into CM, the spacing and format is all jumbled.  I have tried a number of things with no success. Normally I start with Dreamweaver templates that allow me to select columns, headers and footers. I'm sort of at the end of my rope. Any help is greatly appreciated.

BThies BThies, 8 years ago

Hi Todd,

Feel free to shoot me the design, and I'll take a look at what's causing it to jumble.


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