Client Settings, logon not going to the correct account upgrade bug

Hi, I have several logons for clients (all different divisions of the same company), I direct them to our company website /newsletters to logon with their username and password. Since the upgrade there is a bug, everyone who logs on is seeing the wrong stuff, they are seeing the most recent account I worked on, not their own stuff. To change it I have to logon and go through and check and save the account access and then no matter what account they use they are seeing the last one I checked (despite not changing anything).
Is anyone else having this problem?

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hi Katey,

Have you logged in via this form:

Without adding a site address? Following this screen, you'll be asked to set up a site address and all your client logins should then work. if any issues continue, don't hesitate to get in touch and we can investigate for you.

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