Is there a generic subscribe form?

I noticed that if you don't specify a 'thank you' or 'confirmation' page there's a generic page letting people know what's going on.

Is there a generic 'subscribe' page that you could link to instead of putting the form on your website?

Thought that might be handy since I only have room for a link in the design... And don't really want to make another page just for that form.

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Daniel. There isn't a generic subscribe page, you would need to create a page for the form and link to it.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

To add to Diana's response, you will find you get much better signups if you have the actual form right there on the page, rather than on a new page.

You might compromise by putting the signup form in a mini window that pops up on the link click, perhaps?

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