Auto Send Updated Campaign every month

Hey Everyone,

I have a campaign that pulls from a PHP file that has RSS feeds (non java) and if I send it once, it looks great!  However, I want to be able to tell campaign monitor to re-import and send the campaign once a month.  Since my PHP file is pulling in RSS feeds, it should be pulling in brand new articles every month. 

Any Idea on how to get campaign monitor to send the same campaign once a month? 

Like I said it works flawlessly if I send it personally, but I'd like it automated.


productorials, 8 years ago

I would set up a cron job or scheduled task. Then tell it to use Campaign.Create and pass along the HTML email template containing your HTML template with the new RSS feed content. Also pass along your lists and other data points (most won't really change) from month to month from the sound of it.
Then send a Campaign.Send following the previous campaign and off you go.


Skyphoxx, 8 years ago

Great!  Only one problem.  I'm lost.  :(   My server is running PHP 4.4  Can I still use Campaign.create with this version of php?  If so, do you know of any sample scripts using Campaign.create for PHP 4?  I'm such a newb, but want to learn how to do this so bad.

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