Any Flash devs out there using our API?

Hi Guys,

Having very little Flash experience in house, and with the number of users making calls to our API via Flash increasing, it's come time for us to make an SOS call to any of you who have successfully coded up such an implementation.

Specifically, we are looking for an example making a call adding custom fields. The current example (graciously contributed by a user also) lends itself for use with most of the calls, but custom fields are another matter entirely.

So if any of you out there are feeling generous, we'd greatly appreciate it if you could shoot through to support, or drop in a code snippet here, your ways of doing this.

benpujji, 9 years ago

Did you guys get any help? We've got a couple of pretty smart Flash/Actionscript developers on our team and we'd be keen to help out. We're using CM, not with Flash, but keen to do our bit. Drop a comment back here or fire me an email: :)

Jason Jason, 9 years ago

Hey Ben,

Thanks for that, I've shot an email through to the address provided.

mylztrini, 9 years ago

It seems the example for mailbuild is short lived as compared to the campaginer monitor flash example. I have been tweaking the code from mailbuild and no luck at all with adding custom fields. Can anyone give us some help on how we can achieve this. Phone and Age submitted via flash to the mailbuild api.

Any help would be great.

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