Subscribers requested to login in double opt-in process


First time post... I've been setting up Campaign Monitor on a new site for a client this week. This morning (8am GMT daylight), the basic subscribe form on my site is behaving oddly.

On submitting the subscribe form, the user is prompted to login with a username and password in a popup titled "Connecting to". (Tested in IE7, IE6 and FF3).

This isn't consistent. Occasionally, the subscribe will go through and the user receives the email requesting confirmation. Clicking the link in the email is throwing up another login prompt:

"Enter user name and password for"

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


gavinwray gavinwray, 8 years ago

This problem was at my end with my site, not Campaign Monitor. All working ok now.

Gavin Wray // Web Producer
Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Thanks for the update Gavin.

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