image alt tags

Hi guys,
Would I be right in thinking that there is currently no way of including any alt tag text for images that are uploaded by the client?

If I am correct, is there anything that can be done about it please?


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey tamper, I assume by saying "uploaded by the client" you're referring to MailBuild. If that's the case, you can set the alt text to be used for non-repeating images in your template. Any images in a repeater will automatically use the text from the title of that repeater for the alt text of the editable image.

If that doesn't make sense or match up to what you're seeing, fire an email to MailBuild support with more detaiks and we'll check out your template.

tamper, 9 years ago

Yes, sorry, MailBuild it is.
Thanks, that works for me.


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