Best practices question regarding campaign re-use

We're using the API in the following way:
1. CM maintains all unsubscribe and bounceback information
2. Our system synchronizes with CM nightly to retrieve unsubscribes and bouncebacks, then updates locally
3. Our system communicates with CM ad-hoc to add new subscribers or move them to a different list

We are now at a point where we would like CM to also send emails on a daily basis. Since the content and the recipient lists will always be the same, I am wondering if I need to create a new campaign (Campaign.Create) every time, followed by a Campaign.Send. Or - should I create a campaign once and then just re-send it.

We would like to be able to compare the results of each email campaign. Would that be lost if we re-rent a campaign? I'd be interested in best practices on this issue.


travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago

Hey Kai,

There isn't a method to resend a previously campaign in the CM API right now so your only option would be to send a new campaign every time.

On a side note, when using the app and the resending of a previously sent campaign, we create a new campaign meaning you would get independent reports for each campaign.


Travis Bell

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