problem with Client.GetCampaigns


i'm getting this weirdest thing using the php5 campaignmonitor v1.1.1 class.

the clientGetCampaigns function doesn't return a thing, I've did some testing and I noticed the makeCall function sends the correct xml (using soap) but it doesn't return a thing. Although getLists works perfectly having the exact same xml structure (api key and clientid).

Could the there be a problem with the api ?

here's the code

$api_key = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
$client_id = xxxxxx;
$cm = new CampaignMonitor( $api_key, $client_id, $campaign_id, $list_id );

$cm->method = 'soap';
$cm->debug_level = 1;

$result = $cm->clientGetCampaigns();


output:  string(0) ""

ps: post or get gives me the same result

Ken Ken, 8 years ago


I am able to run the Client.GetCampaigns function fine at my end. Could you go to and provide more details of the problem, mainly, could you send the code you're using, as well as the API key and client id you're using.


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