Personalising subject lines

Do you personalise the subject lines in the emails you send? As in "Mathew, your latest edition of Geek Hair Week"?

I remember a while back that it was a very popular thing to do, but in my opinion it almost seems a but cheesy these days, possibly because everyone knows how easy it is to do automatically. However, I'm sure that subject personalising can still be powerful and effective. It could be inserting the name of a recently purchased product, or a special greeting perhaps.

What do you do for your campaigns, and what's your opinion on it?

woodsikov woodsikov, 9 years ago

You subscribe to Geek Hair Week as well?

Personalised subject lines nearly always seem to be spam these days, if my inbox is anything to go by. Automated personalisation also seems artificial and insincere to me, like the cold caller who asks how you are today, as if they care.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Thanks Dean,

Geek Hair Week is one of my favourites....dreamy!

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