Rich selection of email templates

Modern email marketing software solutions provide a library of email templates to choose from to help you build an awesome email without a line of code.

Email Marketing Software: Library of Email Templates

A powerful email builder

It’s the era of the Do-It-Yourself marketer, so ensure your email marketing software has an intuitive, drag-and-drop email builder with WYSIWIG editor capabilities.

Email Marketing Software: Email Builder

Be mobile ready for the mobile world

Assume your email will be viewed on a mobile device, so it’s critical your email marketing software automatically mobile-optimizes your email campaigns for you.

Email Marketing Software: Email Mobile Optimization

Built-in design & spam testing

There are strict laws and regulations around SPAM emails, so choose an email marketing software that will test your email campaigns before you send.

Email Marketing Software: SPAM Testing

Zero send limits

Be sure your email list size or send frequency doesn’t exceed the limits of your email marketing software - both today and as your list continues to grow.

Email Marketing Software: Zero Send Limits

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Flexible pricing to fit how you send

You probably have a budget in mind for your email marketing software. But also consider if you want to pay monthly, annually, or per each campaign you send.

Email Marketing Software: Flexible Pricing

Rich reporting capabilities

Knowing how your audience engages with your email is the only way to improve them. Ensure you can measure key metrics like clicks, opens, and bounce rates.

Email Marketing Software: Rich Reporting

Seamlessly embed surveys

Collecting feedback is important to optimize every customer experience. Make sure you have the ability to embed mobile-ready surveys in your email campaigns.

Email Marketing Software: Embed Surveys

Extend with integrations and plugins

Connect your email marketing software to your other business applications - like your CRM, eCommerce, or CMS solution - to send hyper-targeted campaigns.

Email Marketing Software: Email Integrations and Plugins

World-class 24/7 support

Working with a new tool doesn’t always run smoothly, so be sure you can contact support when you need it and over the channels in which you want to communicate.

Email Marketing Software: 24/7 Support

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