Account registration emails. Order confirmations. Cart abandonment emails. Password resets. We’re all familiar with these emails that enter our inboxes; they’re called ‘transactional’ emails or ‘system-triggered’ emails sent by the websites or apps of products and services we interact with.

Recently, our customers have been asking for a way to use the same tools they use for marketing campaigns to manage the content of these transactional emails. Today we’re so excited to announce our new Transactional Email for Marketers to do just that!

Transactional email builder

Companies send billions of these transactional emails every month and they contain some of the most valuable information for customers so it’s no surprise that their open rates are eight times higher than marketing emails. Unfortunately, marketers have historically had zero access to the content, branding, or performance of these emails because they live in their website or apps’ code. These emails are often built by developers and updating these emails isn’t high on the priority list.

So when building our transactional email service, we wanted to make sure that marketers could:

  • manage the branding and design with our drag-and-drop email builder
  • optimize these emails for every inbox or device
  • get complete visibility into how these emails are performing with real-time reporting

…all in the Campaign Monitor way!

Transactional engagement reporting

We think it’s a huge opportunity for marketers to now truly own emails across every communication that companies have with their customers, from targeted email campaigns, to automated emails, and now transactional emails too.

This new transactional email service is now included for all customers on monthly plans. For more information, check out the features page and our new Transactional Email Guide for Marketers on best practices and how to get started.

  • Kim Kristensen

    So nice feature :-)

  • Chris

    Nice work, you sexy people!

  • Buzz

    This is such a great feature. We’ve been fortunate to have used Transactional in beta for the past few weeks, and it’s totally transformed how we see “system” emails. Liberating them from the product is one thing, but being able to tweak the designs and make changes from within CM (without needing a dev) is an absolute game changer. Great work team, seriously, amazing stuff.

  • Thomas

    Now this is a feature I have been waiting for!!

  • James

    Looks good… but no mention of pricing?

  • Rishi

    So excited about this!

  • Jonathan

    How does it work? How much does it cost? I’ve read all the blurb and can’t find anything.

    The cart abandonment mail is of course a permission nightmare. Gotta be careful there.

    Be happy all you groovy people!

  • Brian

    It only gets better! Yes.

  • Ben Hirsch

    Finally. Thanks.

  • Frank Sykes

    Really glad to see this feature come to life. I was dredging having to tackle this on my platform.

  • Collin

    Sweet cuppincakes! Now, if someone could kindly craft a plugin for us slightly less developerish types to integrate this with Shopify, WooCommerce and ExpressionEngine, please…

  • Golf POS Systems

    We look forward to utilizing this with out clients!

  • Ross

    I agree with Collin. This is a great feature that will vastly improve the value of CM to online stores. But you need to provide an app or integration guide for the primary eCommerce platforms. And I would certainly put Magento at the top of the list.

    The added revenue from many online shops shifting from pay-per-campaign billing to monthly billing would definitely justify the time and costs for CM to develop those integration tools.

  • The Cosign

    Great feature, this is really going to help us manage our marketing efforts. Thanks a ton!

  • JeffreyDB

    We’ve used CM for email marketing for 9 years. A year ago we started using Send Grid for transactional emails to improve delivery on our WordPress sites. Is there a plugin coming? That’s how we do it with SG.

  • Dave Lakins

    Fantastic news – been looking forward to using a feature like this with a number of clients. Great to see transactional email features added to CM – which is a class product already!

  • Jacki Smith

    Brilliant development but would like to see the detail on integration with custom e commerce sites – can’t seem to find any references on exactly how to make that happen. If it is detailed somewhere on your site can you point me to it please?

  • Adam George

    Fabulous, good work! Does this follow the standard pricing model? e.g. for credits?

  • Phil Oye

    We’re thrilled with the response here, thanks everyone!

    In terms of pricing, Transactional email is included for customers on a monthly plan.

    There is a limit to how many transactional emails you can send per month. On a basic plan, like campaign emails, transactional emails count against your send limit. On an unlimited plan, while you can send an unlimited number of campaign emails, the transactional email send limit is 10x your current plan’s maximum subscriber limit.

  • Jon Whitehead

    This sounds great, but how are they triggered? If they are replacing system emails how does the integration work?

  • Phil Oye

    Hey Jon,

    The idea is that your website or application triggers transactional email via our API or using SMTP. You can read more about the different ways it can work in this Introduction to Transactional Email.

  • Matthew Adam

    guys, great, awesome! we enjoy using CM having integrated it with our eCommerce Saaas offering Yet its still way over the head of most our customers to understand these trigger features, plus needs integration with the cart. Your pricing model is causing our clients every month to peel off to mail chimp or the likes of sendgrid. on explaining the CM benefits to the decision makers you get that glazed look.. there are sooo many micro fees with generating that sale > ongoing marketing > content marketing. depending on the businesses markup, sales volume. They aim for 5-8% of revenue for investment across marketing. anything else is risk.
    so all the features on the planet wont help you retain our customers.. There’s a price point based on their turnover. Food for thought

  • Michela

    Love this new feature :) Thanks.

  • Luke Menzel

    Great feature!

    But, will users be able to unsubscribe from transactional emails? Surely one must not be able to unsubscribe from a “Forget Password” or “Notice of payment” email :)

  • Rhyd

    There’s no unsubscribe option for transactional emails :)

    I’ve had a quick look and once again got stuck at dynamic images. I want, no, *need* my emails to have dynamic images, especially an order confirmation with product photos, or “you recently looked at X on our website”. I uesd to be able to do it with the old designer, and importing from HTML works perfectly but is horribly impractical. Pretty please?

  • Phil Oye

    Hey Rhyd,

    We hear you about dynamic images in our Email Builder. Unfortunately, it isn’t yet possible to do natively in the builder. For now the workaround is to pass in a raw HTML image tag as an email variable. I realize this isn’t ideal!

  • Rhyd

    Hi Phil. I’m currently using a variable for filename but hadn’t considered a variable for the entire element. Hopefully that’ll make life easier.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Shaun

    Hi Phil – Is there anyway you can test an HTML image as an email variable from the Campaign Monitor console?

    Please let me know.


  • Phil Oye

    Hi Shaun,

    We had an issue where you couldn’t use HTML on the Test Smart Email page, however, we have a fix scheduled to go out today.

  • Shaun

    Perfect. It works now.

  • Phil Oye

    Great to hear Shaun.

  • Shaun

    I’ve sent a support request about this but thought I’d chime in here too: we think tying this to the monthly plan really creates a problem if you have a customer that won’t commit to paying monthly (perhaps the PAYG is a better deal, if they don’t send out emails very frequently).

    Someone who has 10,000 subscribers and wants to use transactional email pays loads more than someone with only 100 subscribers, even if they send the same number of emails each month!

    We think there should be an option to use credits to pay for these transactional emails, like the autoresponders.

  • Phil Oye

    Hi Shaun!

    Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately as of now, transactional email is not available on credits, just monthly plans.

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