Since the launch of our new Automation features in March, we’ve been working on making the experience of creating and editing your automated email workflows even easier.

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of a new, streamlined user interface for automation workflows.

With this update, you can now change an email’s subject line or timing, switch templates, edit the content of your email, and preview or delete the email all from one place.

You’ll notice new links to perform these actions for each email in your workflow.


In the past, to make edits to an email in your workflow you’d have to go through all the steps one by one, but with this update you can now navigate directly to whichever step you need to make changes in.

So if you just want to update the content of your email but don’t need to change the subject line or timing, then you can navigate straight to the ‘Edit Content’ screen.

This update makes maintaining and optimizing your existing workflows much easier, as this tweet from one of our customers shows.


This update is a direct result of feedback from our customers on how we can make our product easier for them to use, and we’re looking forward to releasing even more enhancements to our email automation feature in the future.

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    Hi, I am here is China, we generally use QQ mailbox, or Netease mailbox, Sina, and so on, will receive a lot of spam, mail is too much and not easy to manage, thank you for sharing this text, I will try your product.

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