Yesterday we pushed a highly requested update to our API allowing you to create a campaign using an existing template, and then populate that template with any content you desire. Whether you’re updating a single chunk of content or an entire email filled with complex repeaters, the entire process can now be fully automated.

If you’re not already familiar with our template language, it lets you turn any HTML email design into a re-usable template by adding a few simple tags. Now that you can create campaigns using template via the API, all you need to worry about is supplying the content and we’ll do the rest.

VIEW THE DOCS We’ve put together everything you need to get started

Unsuppressing email addresses

On top of the template update, we’ve also just added support for unsuppressing an email address via the API. This means you can easily remove an address from any client-wide suppression list if, for example, that subscriber now wants to hear from you again, or was suppressed by mistake.

Updated wrappers

To support these new updates, all our wrappers have also been updated. This includes Ruby, Python, PHP, .NET and Java so it’s a piece of cake to start using these features in your own solutions.

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