After making it easy to specify which page you want your subscribers to Like on Facebook, we’ve just added two optional properties to our new tweet tag to encourage more people to follow you on Twitter when using our social sharing feature.

Recommend who to follow

The new recommend property allows you to suggest a Twitter user that anyone who tweets about your email campaign should follow. This could be your own Twitter account, another account you’re trying to promote or a completely different Twitter user you think your subscribers will get some value from. Here’s the code:

<tweet recommend="vpieters"></tweet>

With the recommend property added, anyone who shares your campaign on Twitter will now see the following suggestions after they post the tweet.

Screenshot of Twitter recommendation

A nice little bonus is that if a subscriber is already following you, or whoever you recommend, this message won’t be shown. It’s only visible to people who aren’t already following you, which they can start doing with a single click.

Add yourself as the tweet source

These days most of us are familiar with the use of via to credit the source of the original message. With the addition of our new via property, you can add your own Twitter account as the source any time somebody shares your campaign. Here’s how the code looks:

<tweet via="abcwidgets"></tweet>

Once that property is added, we’ll credit your account as the source of the tweet by adding via yournamehere at the end of any tweet sharing your campaign. Just like the recommend property above, it’s a great way to expose your own Twitter account and potentially attract more interested followers. Here’s how it looks:

Screenshot of the via property in action

Mix and match

Using our recent newsletter as an example, here’s the code to include both properties at once, as well as provide your own image instead of the default Twitter share button.

<tweet via="campaignmonitor" recommend="campaignmonitor"><img src=""&gt</tweet>

As you can see, you can use the same account for both the via and recommend properties so that those who share your email as well as their followers both have an opportunity to follow you too.

  • Cecilia

    Excellent. Where we should place this tags?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    @Cecilia – The tweet tags can be placed anywhere in the body of your HTML email design. Hope this helps!

  • Cecilia

    Thanks Ros, I’ll try it.

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