Good news! You can have up to 50 custom fields in your subscriber lists.

If you’ve been poking around your subscriber lists lately, you may have noticed that there are now up to 20 custom fields available per list, in addition to name and email. That’s right, we’ve doubled the maximum number of custom fields available to you and your clients!


This has been a very popular request amongst folks wanting to synchronize their favorite CRM software with their subscriber list, or import a detailed customer contact list into Campaign Monitor. So, we agreed – 10 custom fields just wasn’t enough for what a lot of folks would consider standard contact information, let alone all the other details you may want to include in your subscriber list. Note that each field can contain up to 250 characters.


With 20 custom fields (in addition to name and email), there’s lots of room to do some clever segmentation with your lists. For example, you may have read earlier on about our integration with Flowtown. Now, there’s room to populate 6 custom fields with Flowtown-supplied profile information, with lots of fields to spare. Imagine… With all those fields, you can send really targeted campaigns, personalize your newsletters in wonderful ways and even create unique URLs to pre-populate forms on your site! Find out more about the smart ways you can use custom fields.

Let us know if there’s anything else you would like us to add or improve when it comes to managing your subscriber lists – we’re here to make your campaigns easier to send and more awesome than ever.

  • Nickolas Simard

    Already added?! Thanks!

    You guys are working non-stop to provide us with the best… and for that: Kudos!

  • Integrati

    Overdue, but wonderful news.

    Now when do we get our test campaign cell matrices!


    Thank you CM we love your work!

  • Derek Pine

    Great! Thanks CM for making my work even easier.

  • Dimitris Rakopoulos

    Good to know.
    I just hope that the next update gives as the option to have dates as Data Type. That would be very useful if we wanted to use a data, a birthday for example, with.. auto responders! How about that?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Dimitris, many thanks for your suggestion. The good news is that it’s a work in progress – autoresponders are on the way – and with this, we expect to see some pretty exciting changes to the ways you can use your custom fields. We don’t have a release date as yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available in your account. Hang tight!

  • Dimitris Rakopoulos

    We are hanging in for some time know. It fetter be worth it!

    Cheers from Greece,

  • Robert Gallup

    Pleased to see you listen to your users, and thrilled to see the upgrade!

    Thank you!


  • Danny Foo

    Awesomeness! CM has granted yet another wish from users! :D

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