We’re pleased to announce that our design and spam tests now offer webmail screenshots within Firefox. If you’re keen to see how multiple browsers display your campaigns, we’ve got Firefox & IE covered for 6 of the most popular webmail clients.

Spot the difference

You now have access to screenshots within IE & Firefox for the following webmail clients:

  • Gmail
  • Gmail, older version
  • Hotmail
  • AOL Mail
  • Mobile Me
  • Yahoo! Mail

Here’s what a couple of the tests look like within the design and spam testing feature:


Previously, all webmail test screenshots were taken within Internet Explorer, which wasn’t ideal when testing for issues like the notorious Hotmail/Firefox image rendering glitch. For example, Hotmail in Firefox has a knack for adding padding around images, like so:


However, if you were only viewing screenshots taken within IE, things would look completely fine:


By the way, you can avoid this glitch in Hotmail/Firefox by simply adding,
img { display: block; } to your styles.

Now with the appearance of CSS3 in email, the ante has been upped, with properties like
-moz-border-radius working in some email clients when viewed in Firefox, while not displaying at all in IE. So, it’s an useful addition to our our increasingly diverse suite of design tests.

As always, we’re working hard to make the design and spam testing tools more useful and better value for you and your clients. We’ve got some more improvements on the way, but until next update… Happy testing!

  • Patrick Pinchart

    Nice idea. And what about Google’s browser, Chrome. Have you noticed differences or incompatibilities? I wonder if there are also differences, for IE and Firefox, between Mac and Windows versions.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Patrick – I personally haven’t done much testing for Chrome, but it’s something I’ll add to the list for the future. There are slight rendering differences between Firefox on IE and the Mac – if you look at our results when testing CSS3 properties in email, there are some small inconsistencies. IE no longer exists on the Mac, so we don’t test for that no more :)

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