Since we added the ability to manage your clients via the API back in February, we’ve seen a huge stack of customers creating clever, automated ways to manage their clients. One of the most popular uses was to automate the process of letting new clients sign up to your rebranded version of Campaign Monitor. This included a simple sign up form on your site, creating the client, setting their billing options and the features they can access.

The only thing missing from this process was the ability to load templates in that client’s account. Today I’m happy to announce the final piece of the puzzle has been added with the following new methods now available in our API:

* Template.Create – Add a new template for any client.
* Template.Delete – Delete an existing template for any client.
* Template.GetDetail – Get the full details of a template, including a preview and screenshot URL
* Template.Update – Make any changes to an existing template.
* Client.GetTemplates – Gets a list of all currently installed templates for a client.

To make it as easy possible to get started with these new methods, we’ve also updated the PHP API kit and .NET API kits to support all of these new methods right out of the box. A big shout out to new Campaign Monitor developer James Dennes, who was responsible for these handy new methods from start to finish.

  • Wayde Christie

    So an application of this might be to allow clients to choose a template when they sign up, then to add that template to their account automagically?

    When might I use Template.Delete?

  • David Greiner

    That’s exactly it Wayde. You could even create your own gallery of templates a client could choose from when signing up.

    As for Template.Delete lets you quickly remove any template from a client’s account. It may not be used very often, but saves you having to login to the app if you, for example, add the wrong templates into a client’s account.

  • Mathew Patterson

    Another possible example: You might provide clients with summer and winter variations of their template, and automatically update their account for them so they only have the correct templates to choose from.

  • MWH

    Just keeps getting better

  • Vince

    I thought CM was made by designers for designers – yet to make use of this feature we need a developer that knows how to code the with the API?? :-(

  • bepoke

    doesn’t take a mechanic to drive a car but if you want to put a super charger on it you should know how to swing a wrench, stop your whining Vince.

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