Google Analytics integration has been an extremely popular feature since we implemented it back in April. It takes all the pain out of taggling links in your email campaigns so you can see the direct results they have on your web site. Once you enable this feature, you can see the conversions, number of sales and even direct revenues in Google Analytics for every campaign you send. It’s pretty neat.

To ensure Google Analytics knows the traffic has come from a specific email campaign, we automatically “tag” your links for you. Each link we tag requires us to set the “Source” of the traffic (you can read about all the different types of tags here). By setting the source consistently for each campaign, you can group all of your campaigns from a single referrer together. It also makes it easier to keep things organized if you’re running marketing campaigns across different sources such as email, banner ads and pay-per-click.

To keep things simple for everyone, our recent update set the source for all campaigns sent with Campaign Monitor to “Email Marketing Software”. This way, we didn’t blow your cover for any clients you might be rebranding the software for. Turns out you guys wanted a little more flexibility in exactly what the source should be called, so as of today you can now set the Source on a per client basis under their Google Analytics settings.


Thanks to everyone who got in touch about this update. If you’re new to this feature and want to learn more about how to access all the numbers in Google Analytics for each campaign, check out this tutorial.

  • James

    Nice and quick guys – thanks :)

  • Valgeir Valdimarsson

    Hi David — Thanks for fixing this. In the old version of Campaign Monitor it was also possible to manually set the campaign name. It would be good to get this runnig again too.

  • David Greiner

    Hi Valgeir, this now uses the campaign name you set in Step 1 of the create/send process, which we think makes sense. In the interest of keeping things as simple as possible, we’ll be sticking with that approach unless it causes problems for lots of customers.

  • nowe wózki widÅ‚owe

    Google Analytics is the best analytics script. Thx for informations…:)

  • Christian

    This was just what I was looking for. Great! Thank you once again for an outstanding service- and information level :)

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