Ever get the feeling that you need another set of eyes to look at your email designs? Or twenty? Well, our friends at ZURB have a nifty service called Plunk for crowdsourcing UI testing on responsive designs.

Plunk at work

The concept behind Plunk is simple – as a designer, you can upload a screenshot of a mobile screen, set a simple test (like ‘Tap the 8 easy chapters link‘, pictured), then let the crowd get to work on completing it. During the test, you can view the results, including the success rate and average amount of time it takes for the test to be completed. It’s a great way to determine how persuasive visual elements are, how long it takes to find specific information in copy, or which links appeal to readers the most.

While Plunk is largely geared towards testing mobile app interfaces and websites, there’s nothing stopping you or I from uploading a screenshot of a responsive email (like one minted in our template builder) and letting the world determine whether a ‘Buy now!’ button is obvious to subscribers. You can even set rather subjective tests, like ‘tap on the most interesting headline’ and see whether Plunk’s results match those in your email campaign reports. Big thanks go to our own Stig for uncovering this gem of a testing tool.

Do you have a Plunk test for us to try? Post it in the comments below – we’d love to take a peek at your responsive emails!

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