Sending files via email has always been a bit of a bug bear. While actually attaching files to email campaigns is a no-no for security and bandwidth reasons, wrangling your own hosting and securely serving downloads isn’t always an easy task, either.

Thankfully, the good folks at Digioh have heard our cries into the wilderness and have come up with a nifty service for sharing files, specifically for emailers like you and I. If someone not already on your list gets forwarded an email with a link to a hosted file, Digioh can provide them with a link via email to access it. Who’s downloading your files and referring them to others is tracked, allowing you to follow up specifically with say, folks who downloaded your band’s latest single. It’s incredibly powerful stuff and thanks to their new Campaign Monitor integration, it takes no time at all to get your files into the wild.

A foolproof way to handle files

Once you’ve started a trial Digioh account

, one of the first things you’ll probably notice is how it gets you into the thick of the action. In a couple of clicks, you can upload a file, customize a download page, then receive the download button code for your email.

Add Digioh code to templateFrom here, it’s simply a matter of adding this code to your HTML email, or to a template in the email editor via the ‘source’ of any multiline region (pictured).

File downloads are trackable by email address by default, however things get even more interesting when you add your Campaign Monitor API key to the ‘Sync’ tab of the app. If someone not on your subscriber list clicks on a link to the file (say, via a forwarded campaign), they will be given the option to not only sign up to receive the file, but join your subscriber list, too! As you can imagine, this makes Digioh perfect for building your lists.

Yes, it’s great for list building, too!

On the permission front, Digioh have ticked all the right boxes, by making the signup part of things optional. Non-subscribers can still receive the download without joining your subscriber list, which is the way things should be:

Digioh signup page

It goes without saying that this is a pretty clever play. If you have a valuable download like a new eBook, sending a campaign encouraging your subscribers to forward it to a friend, or share via Twitter and Facebook (and effectively asking others to subscribe to your list) is really like getting others to do your marketing for you. If you ask me, that’s super-sweet.

There’s a lot to dig about Digioh – from being able to rebrand download pages, to not requiring you to code up the download buttons yourself. Another nicety is that they’re very affordable, too. While there’s a free plan, for customization of their download pages and more you can choose between their Pro or Pro Plus selections, for $4.99 and $14.99 USD respectively. The latter includes very generous file hosting and bandwidth allowances, as well as phone support.

To find out more about Digioh and give them a go for free, swing by their site.

  • Rishi

    Thanks for this awesome post Ros!

    Hey CM Blog readers! I’m the CEO of Digioh – if anyone has any questions feel free to post a comment right here :)

    We are really excited about this partnership and will bend over backwards for any Campaign Monitor customers.

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