Super URL Builder

Do you personalize your landing pages, just as you do your email newsletters? Or do you link to forms and would like to see the values pre-filled? Performable has just made it easier with their Super URL Builder. Simply pop in your destination URL, select Email > Campaign Monitor and hit the ‘Build URL’ button. The builder then appends the URL with our fullname and email address template tags and gives you the end result.

If you’ve already setup Google Analytics in your Campaign Monitor account, you don’t have to worry about filling in the Campaign, Source, Medium etc – we’ll do that for you.

This link builder is especially handy if you want to pre-fill your Wufoo forms with personalized subscriber details, but aren’t confident with our template tags yet. But, lets not stop there – you can also personalize your emails with all sorts of additional information about your subscribers (eg. location, interests) using custom fields and template tags together. For more ideas, check out this useful post on smart ways to use custom fields.

Thanks to Performable for keeping us in mind when building their handy, campaign optimizing tools!

  • David Cancel

    The Performable Team loves CM, thanks for the post!

  • Vincent

    I’m still hoping that CM will someday allow us to build landing pages within it :-)

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