Have you ever wanted to add a “Join our mailing list” prompt to your Mac applications, like Panic does? Tony Arnold, an Australian freelance Mac and iPhone developer, has created a neat email signup form for your Cocoa applications that integrates with the Campaign Monitor API. Using a small alert window, your users can join a mailing list by providing their name and email address the first time your app is run. These details are passed to an existing Campaign Monitor subscriber list, using your List ID and API key for authentication.


Bringing the mailing list signup process to the desktop is an intuitive move that provides developers the opportunity to offer email marketing as a valuable add-on to client projects. It’s also a certain way to build an email subscriber list if you don’t have an expanded registration process or point users towards a sign-up page from within the app. If you’re keen on sending product news, updates and promotions to your users via email, then an in-app signup form that integrates with Campaign Monitor is an attractive option.

Well done, Tony. Read more about adding an email signup form to your Cocoa application on his blog, or take a look at the code and usage information on GitHub.

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  • Matt

    Very cool and very generous to share.

  • Mikkel Steen Andersen


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