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You know that you can add Google Analytics code to your emails very easily. That works really well, but the URLs generated with the Google parameters can sometimes cause issues.

The boys from Newism found that the analytics links were not working quite right with their index page on their ExpressionEngine based site.

They’ve written up in quite a bit of detail how they worked around the problem using some smart .htaccess rewrite rules. If you are seeing the same issue, make sure you check it out.

Read Using URL rewrites to make ExpressionEngine, Campaign Monitor & Google Analytics play nice over at the Newism blog.

  • James

    Hi Guys… interesting stuff!
    I sooo need this in MailBuild for some of my clients… any chance of it coming soon… pretty please! :)

  • Dave Greiner

    Hey James, we’re working on getting this out some time in the next month. It’s very close.

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