Rails with Campaign Monitor screencast screen grab

A while back we pointed to a Ruby gem for hooking into the Campaign Monitor API. It was created by Jordan Brock.

On the Ruby Plus website we’ve spotted a new screencast which runs through how simple it is to use the Campaign Monitor gem to connect through your Rails application.

As the author, Bala Paranj, points out, the existing Ruby gem does not include our recent API updates for creating and sending campaigns, but it is a great place to start.

You can register for free at Ruby Plus and then download the screencast episode.

  • Ed

    I feel like i wasted 8 minutes watching this! It’s not great :(

  • Morgan Roderick

    Must admit I was disappointed as well, but maybe I’ve just been watching too many Railscasts. Ryan Bates is in a class of his own. Perhaps the Campaign Monitor team should sponsor a few episodes for RailsCasts, and let Ryan show the community how to properly integrate with Campaign Monitor :)

  • theamoeba

    have u got any other information on the php api? the info around seems a little thin. :)

  • Trevor

    FYI, the Rubyforge gem is out of date. Development seems to have moved over here: http://github.com/jordanbrock/campaign-monitor-ruby/tree

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