The holidays are officially in full force and in order to take full advantage, your email campaigns need to deliver better than St.Nick himself. Email marketing was the main sales driver for brands during the holidays last year accounting for over 27% of sales and this year is tracking to be even stronger.

Email marketing is an essential component to a successful holiday season. But the truth is, that’s only half the equation. Those emails need to lead somewhere. They need to turn a click into a commitment. And that’s where landing pages come in: standalone pages focused solely on convincing the visitor to convert while removing anything that could distract from that goal.

The Ultimate Holiday Email Marketing + Landing Page Guide

The Ultimate Email Marketing + Landing Page Guide

That’s why this holiday, we’ve joined forces with the landing page experts at Unbounce to create the Ultimate Holiday Email Marketing + Landing Page Guide. It’s jam-packed with essential advice and actionable tips for running a high-converting holiday campaign using email marketing and landing pages.

In this free guide, you’ll learn how to:
• Write subject lines that cut through the holiday noise and make your message heard
• Deliver personalized recommendations that encourage additional purchases
• Craft high-converting landing pages for every campaign
• Ensure your content looks fabulous on any device of any size

Here’s wishing you a well-optimized and high-converting holiday season!

  • Duog

    Hi there, your form on report page you point to does not adhere to Canada’s new CASL email regulations — If you want to be sending marketing email to people in Canada you need that sort of thing to be opt-in. No options about it.

  • Vincent TSR

    FWIW most of Europe also requires opt-in

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