As we revealed last year, we have some pretty good prizes lined up for the Campaign Monitor customer who sent (in our judgement) the best Christmas email.

We were looking for a balance between creativity, design and practicality, for an email that works under the constraints of email clients, like image blocking for example.

We saw a lot of good efforts, and sadly still a lot of emails that were just one big image, but a few emails really stood out to us, and we’ve showcased them below.

Grand prize winner: Good Creative

Good Çreative's email newsletter

Congratulations to the team from GOOD CREATIVE who have walked away with this year’s prize. We loved the unique approach to a Christmas tree and the strong visual layout.

Since there is actual text (not just images) in the email, it still holds together with image blocking on, and the content of the newsletter really sends a clear message about the agencies values.

Well done! We’ll be in touch with the team shortly to arrange for their prizes:

  1. An iPhone
  2. A $100 Threadless voucher
  3. 50,000 Campaign Monitor email credits (that’s $500 worth)

I’m sure they’ll have fun splitting that lot between them!

Honorable mentions

We’ve got three great emails to mention here, and the people behind each one will be receiving a solid chunk of email credits and a Campaign Monitor t-shirt of their choice.

Pixel Magic

Pixel Magic's Christmas email

From across the sea in New Zealand, the Pixel Magic team have created an email better suited to the decidedly non-white Christmases we have down under. A simple design that works really well, and does not try too hard and overwhelm the message.

A great example of effective email design.

Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines Christmas email

Extra points for effort and bravery go to the creators of this plain text Christmas email for Aegean Airlines. Taking us back to the glory days of ASCII art, this email looks painstakingly constructed.

We wonder how consistently it would render, but the idea is great and well executed, and it’s particularly interesting for such a mainstream product.


3blindmice Christmas email

From Sydney local Ben Manson, this fantastic design is almost all text. We love the right alignment, and particularly the way Ben has used custom fields to personalise his message for each client.

Who doesn’t love a mouse in a Santa hat? Well done Ben.

We’ll be in touch with all our winners very soon, and congratulations to you all. Thanks also to everybody who entered by using Campaign Monitor during this holiday season, and we hope to see you all back again next year with even better campaigns.

We really appreciate your creativity and your business. Stick with us through 2008, we’ve got plenty of things lined up for you all!

  • Steve Houston (web developer –


    Many thanks for the recognition and also for all your help with the many campaigns we have used Campaign Monitor for. We’ve added this to our own blog:
    Along with a few appropriate links. Lets hope we can maintain the same high standards for our clients.

    Thanks again from all at Good Creative


  • Senor Munoz

    Not sure about the “give blood” At first sight Its seems like a “woman stuff”…
    Anyway, are really good pieces :D

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