Virgin Experience Days packages up and sells fun gifts and experiences to Londoners. Offers range from unique dining experiences to driving lessons, all of which are sure to delight their recipients. Virgin Experience Days partners with Campaign Monitor to introduce their latest and greatest offers, encouraging subscribers to explore all that London has to offer.

The team at Virgin Experience Days is pushing the boundaries on email design, and for that reason, we have featured their “Paint the Town Happy” Campaign in our Top 100 Gallery, where we showcase our customers’ best email campaigns. Let’s see why we think this Virgin Experience Days is a gift to any inbox:

Virgin Experience Days email example

  1. Beautiful photography: Virgin Experience Days packs this email campaign with beautiful images that help their subscribers envision the gift that awaits them. When you’re designing your next email campaign, play with powerful hero images that can make a big impact.
  2. Clever CTA: Virgin Experience Days goes beyond the basics with their enticing call to action copy. Instead of using the typical “shop now”, they encourage subscribers to “explore” their offerings. When you’re creating your campaign messaging, get creative with action-oriented call to action copy. Read more about how to create the perfect call to action here.
  3. Mobile-friendly design: Virgin Experience Days has a mobile-first mentality with their email campaigns, as you can see in this stunning snapshot. With 53% of email opens happening on mobile devices, remember that mobile-friendly emails are no longer a nice to have, they’re a must-have!

Virgin mobile friendly email example

Wrap up

Virgin Experience Days does a remarkable job of promoting their gifts with Campaign Monitor. See more inspiring examples in our Top 100 Gallery.

  • Jaina

    Shame they lose the CTA on the main header on the mobile version :(

  • liam

    We promise we don’t loose it :) it just drops below the fold on this screenshot! (we actually ran some tests around this and found that having the CTA below the fold doesn’t lead to a loss in clicks)

    Link to the email if you want to have a look –

    Liam @ Virgin Experience Days

  • Jaina

    Oh, good to know!

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