Stumptown Coffee Roasters brews incredible coffee and sells gear to their community of coffee lovers. Stumptown started out in the Pacific Northwest and they have truly taken off. They have over 10 Stumptown storefronts in the United States and sell their products in cafes, grocery stores, and restaurants across the country.

Stumptown is delivering on all aspects of their business. On the product side, their offerings are extensive; they sell top-notch coffee, gear, and gifts. On the marketing side, their brand is phenomenal. It is modern and clean and comes across beautifully on their website.

So how do they showcase this union of delicious coffee, cool gear, and a beautiful brand to their community? Email marketing is the name of the game.

We recently featured Stumptown’s Coffee to Go Campaign in our Top 100 Gallery, where we showcase our customers’ best email campaigns. Let’s see why this Stumptown campaign was so strong:

Stumptown email marketing

  1. Effective navigation bar: Stumptown does an effective job of linking back to their website content in their subtle but purposeful email navigation bar at the top of their campaign. When you’re building your email campaigns, remember that subscribers consistently demonstrate a strong click through rate in the navigation area of emails, providing you with a great opportunity to promote your brand and cross-sell other products.
  2. Creative content: Stumptown rallied their campaign imagery, copy, and products around a fun “Roadtrip” theme. This serves as encouragement to get creative and incorporate fun and innovative themes when you’re developing your email content strategy. You don’t necessarily need a new product or big announcement to engage with your customers. You can rally a whole campaign around fun, thematic content, which your customers will be delighted to receive.

Wrap up

Now that you’ve seen how Stumptown Coffee Roasters uses email marketing, share how you use email to engage your audience.

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