In the last few months, we’ve focused on producing useful case studies that reflect the diversity of Campaign Monitor’s customers. Our most recent addition to this mix showcases Campaign Monitor’s role in growing a successful online storefront. Thanks to Adam Neilson of Keiki Enterprises, we had the opportunity to discuss how his online store for the minui HandySitt high chair fused both Campaign Monitor and Shopify to seamlessly transform leads into customers across the US and Canada.

“We sent an email campaign to key buyers in the fall… The same people that called us after getting the email had not returned our calls previously.”

The minui HandySitt seating range is distributed by Adam and his partner, who do all the website, email design, video production, SEO and PR work required between themselves. In this interview, Adam shared with us some practical insights as to why they prefer email over channels more conventionally used for marketing furniture (eg. direct mail), alongside how they collected their subscriber list. So if you’re planning to launch an online store, or currently manage one, take a look at this case study and minui HandySitt’s elegant newsletter design!

Read the full minui Handysitt interview, or browse through our other case studies, including Q&A’s with 37signals, Xero and more.

Thanks to Adam Neilson of Keiki Enterprises for participating. Visit minui HandySitt for a great example of Shopify & Campaign Monitor in action, or download the Shopify app for your own store.

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