We’re pleased to share with you a great interview with Cabedge, being the most recent addition to our collection of case studies. The Tennessee-based agency and runner-up in our holiday email competition provided insight into how email marketing and social media fits into their service offering, alongside advice on billing clients and keeping your message simple.

There are some real gems in there and on the cusp of certain hyped product announcements (“iPad, anyone?”), a solid reality check, too. From Chris Blanz at Cabedge:

“Technology changes so fast and opinions change even faster. What is cool now, will likely be passe not too long from now. The one thing you can count on being the same is the need for companies to reach out and stay connected with their customers.”

Read the full Cabedge interview, or browse through our other case studies, including Q&A’s with 37signals, Xero and more.

Thanks to the team at Cabedge for participating. Take a look at their portfolio for further examples of clean, cohesive design, as well as an impressive array of integrated projects.

Questions? We’re running a series of Q&A’s with established designers, developers and agencies regarding email and marketing in general, so let us know in the comments below if you have a question you would love to have answered in our interviews.

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